Residing lakeside and within an Association adds additional layers of personal responsibility and adherence to established State regulations, County environmental health codes, building codes, zoning restrictions and Lake Manitou Homeowner Association By-Laws. The intent is to preserve and protect our local water quality as well as the watershed and to preserve a peaceful, and as natural as possible lake setting for the enjoyment of all. Good stewardship of our natural resources today ensures a legacy of a quality environment tomorrow.

The Water Resources Division of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) regulates proposed shoreline and lake bottom alterations, dredging and beach sanding. All of these activities require a permit prior to starting the project. The (MDEQ) contact is Carol Valor. Telephone 517 284-6670.

The Shiawassee County zoning and building code regulations have been established to assure what types of structures can be built and for what purposes. They also provide guidelines regarding “set backs” from individual property lines to mitigate encroachment upon another persons property as well as distance from the lake. All building structures (including sheds of any size) must be approved by the Shiawassee County Zoning department as well as the Lake Manitou Association Board. A section of the Shiawassee County Environmental Health Department regulates water wells, septic systems and lakeside land alterations which require approval prior to beginning work.

The Lake Manitou Association By-Laws provide direction on allowable types of residential building and materials that can be used as well as accessory buildings and sheds which must have board approval prior to construction.

Contact Information

Shiawassee County Building and Zoning Office:     (989) 743-2396
Shiawassee County Environmental Health:              (989) 743-2392
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ)
Water Resources Division; Shoreline alterations; contact Carol Valor                                           (517) 284-6670


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