Lake Manitou Reminders Updated 2022

Private lakes including Lake Manitou require adherence to all Michigan State Laws regarding watercraft

  • Blue colored geese mark shallows or hazards to boat props
  • Buoys in the passage between the east and west sides of the lake are a reminder to stay to the right
  • There are TWO UNMARKED shallow points just off shore in and near narrows
  • Around the island, water shallows quickly
  • Speed boating on larger side of lake ONLY, west side is pickup and drop off ONLY
  • West side of the lake; There is a shallow sand bar area with posts for a volley ball net.
  • ALL watercraft on Lake Manitou require Lake Manitou emblem (click here to request emblem)
  • Lake members CANNOT permit recreational lake trespassing. Lake Manitou is for members and member guests ONLY
  • Watercraft removed or brought to Lake Manitou require exterior cleaning and disinfecting prior to Lake Manitou reinstatement including the trailer – IT’S THE LAW, CLICK HERE
  • Fireworks need donations !!! Click here
  • Watercraft safety is everyone’s top priority. In a lake of our size, nothing goes unnoticed. Please follow the simple ski and tubing patterns that were set up many years ago for safe watercraft operation and for shoreline preservation. See our directory for map.
  • Please be mindful to swim near shore or near your watercraft as boat and jet ski operators may not see someone swimming alone in open water. Know your swimming ability and consider wearing a PFD (Personal Flotation Device). Children should always have vigilant adult supervision.
  • Wake Boats are prohibited from use on Lake Manitou waters. A Wake Boat (Wave Boat, Bladder Boat) is defined as a boat engineered or equipped to increase the boats weight and mass or to raise or lower the boat in the water for the intended purpose of creating additional wave height, frequency or energy. This can be done by adding/subtracting ballast water, hull designed wake plate or hull designed hydro gate. The intent is not to eliminate “wake” on Lake Manitou. The purpose is to protect shorelines.

Due to increased non resident lake access, DNR law enforcement may visit our lake to check for recreational lake trespassing, fishing licenses, boat registrations, marine safety equipment and careless watercraft operation

The strength of our Lake Manitou Association relies on all of us voluntarily abiding by the simple By-Laws, restrictions and rules that have been in place for many years. These are for the respect of everyone in our community and we all have a vested interest in staying within the frame work, whether it is front yard signs, allowing non residents on to the lake or accumulation of debris around properties. It is up to each of us to do our share in preserving the integrity of our Association. The By-Laws are on our website, At the home page click on ASSOCIATION, then By-Laws. Questions should be directed to board members.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, have a safe and pleasant summer season and year in our pleasant community.

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