Boat Launch Lock Update

The boat launch has been double locked for the remainder of the 4th of July holiday weekend. Moving forward the launch will be double locked on select weekends and holidays. Text or call Patti at 734-516-8142 or 734-250-0017 for launch unlock. Call or text ahead to minimize wait times.

As a reminder, all watercraft require a Lake Manitou emblem and are to be registered to a Lake Manitou association member. Try before you buy watercraft NOT PERMITTED. Any watercraft MUST BE SANITIZED AND CLEANED prior to launching into Lake Manitou to prevent the transfer of weeds, plants and aquatic hitchhikers.

An infestation of foreign plants or aquatic hitchhikers could conceivably DOUBLE OR TRIPLE ANNUAL DUES to contain the contaminants.

Click here for watercraft emblem request form

Thank you for your cooperation.

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