Annual Dues/Payments

The 2020 Lake Manitou Annual Dues requirement is $300. Please make checks payable to:

Lake Manitou Association
PO Box 61
Owosso, MI 48867

ARTICLE IV. Dues and Assessments: 1. Each property owner shall make an Annual Payment of fifteen dollars ($15.00) paid on or before April 30th, of each year, plus any Special Assessments as approved by the Board of Directors, per lot (as defined on the property tax roll) to the LAKE MANITOU ASSOCIATION, to maintain and improve the Lake Manitou area.

  1. Special assessments may be levied by the Board of Directors for specific projects. Restrictions Section: #7.Annual payments, if not paid by July 1st of each year, shall be a lien on each lot and may be denoted by an affidavit recorded with the Shiawassee County Register of Deeds office, and this lien may be enforced, as are real estate mortgages, by foreclosure, by advertisement, or in the Shiawassee County Circuit Court. If the said payment is not made by the said due date of each year, interest shall be added thereto at the rate of one and one-half percent (1 1/2%) per month until the same is paid or foreclosed upon as hereinabove provided.