Volunteers Wanted

We are looking for volunteers to help collect Lake Manitou water quality data. If you have an interest in our water quality and would like to assist as a “citizen scientist” with summer data collection contact Fred Farkas at 734-417-1276

Lake Manitou have been collecting data regularly during the summer season since 2014 and will do so into the foreseeable future. The purpose is to help identify trends in the lake water quality such as clarity, dissolved oxygen and water temperature, chlorophyll and phosphorus levels

May 14, 2019:
Depth; 1′      Water Temp. 57.        o2 level;    10.8mg/l
Depth; 5′      Water Temp. 55.        o2 level;    10.7mg/l
Depth; 10′    Water Temp. 54.        o2 level;    10.4mg/l
Depth; 15′    Water Temp. 52.        o2 level;    1.6mg/l
Depth; 17′    Water Temp. 51         o2 level;    1.4mg/l                                        [The deepest point in the lake is 19′]

Data for May 14th tells us the water temperature is quite cold and gets colder as it gets deeper. The oxygen level in the water tells us that fish can breath easy and can be very active at depths less than 15′, as oxygen levels at 10mg/l or more are very high. Sport fish species in our lake, Bass, Crappie, Pike, Sunfish need at least 4mg/l to survive. From 15′ to the lake bottom, there is very little oxygen for fish to breath and it’s not likely that fish will be at the bottom, unless they’re dead. Previous years data is on our website under Lake/Water. Click on Lake Studies, then click Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program.

We are also looking for volunteers that might lend a hand in cutting/trimming/weeding on the island.

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