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To our Lake Manitou neighbors,

If you have time to help and are able, it would be helpful if shoreline residents would rake up floating algae and aquatic plants at your shoreline. For pick up, telephone one of our lake work crew, Russ Friess (517) 449-4359 or Roy Thelen (989) 277-6627. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

The Lake Manitou boat ramp gate will be locked after June 3rd. Telephone a board member in advance if you need access to the ramp. We lock the ramp gate in an effort to minimize non resident persons from use of the lake. If you notice anyone carrying a boat across private property to launch their boat, please call a board member.

Thank you to our shoreline residents for your understanding as we continue our Carp control program with occasional nighttime carp fishing boats and their super bright lights. So far, we’ve had two fishing attempts with limited success, removing 7 carp. Last season some catches were up to 25 at a time.

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