The Lake Churns

The boat ramp gate is unlocked for end of season watercraft removal.

20170912_071814 (1)(click on the photo to enlarge) Morning fog develops when the air temperature is colder than the lake water temperature. As the morning sun warms the air, fog dissipates. Fishing is very good at our lake! The photo below on the left (can be verified), and was taken near the island a few weeks ago. The photo on the right is, well, from one of our mischievous neighbors and we can’t validate its authenticity, but none-the-less, fishing is good. (click on the photos to enlarge)

20170912_135350 (1)   5165

Kieser & Associates an environmental engineering firm has packaged our historical and more current lake water quality data into one updated report. The report also addresses three recently documented concerns to our sub watershed surface water from the Hardy Jennings Drain: suspended solids, biological pathogens and harmful algae blooms. The report is on our website under “Lake/Water”, “Lake Studies”. The Association password is necessary to gain access to the report. Click on the link below.

Summer, 2017 Phase One Report from Keiser & Associates

20170919_135130Pictured above is Dr. David Szlag, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry at Oakland University. At their laboratory Dr. Szlag is using an electron microscope to isolate cyanobacteria bacteria (microcystin) from blue green algae in a sample of Lake Manitou water. Graduate student Ryan McWhinnie is observing the process. In high concentrations, Microcystis is hazardous to humans and pets. Concentrations of this bacteria have been low in our lake water but it is always prudent to avoid contact with areas of high algal concentrations as in the photos below.

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