Shoreline flowers create an inviting space for all kinds of wildlife. 20170726_153259            The Hudecek’s purchased “The Blue Flash” from the Marroso’s. After some cleaning and repairs the ship was launched. Pictured are Brett, Paige and Sharon (mom). Bob (dad) was driving the truck.                                                    Pictured is a portion of the east shore of Lake Manitou July 3, 2017. The photo was taken using a drone which was operated by a friend of the Edington’s. It was a gorgeous holiday weekend to remember!                                                     3739  There are still many more days of warm sunny weather yet to enjoy this summer. Lake Manitou offers a laid back peaceful community atmosphere and many forms of leisure activities. Whether it’s taking in a view of the lake, fishing, swimming or boating, it’s for everyone in the community to care for and enjoy. Below are  island photos.

20170723_132829  20170723_132610



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