Spare Books

Girl Scout Troop is in need of lightly used books for their ongoing community project. You can help. Our Lake Manitou resident, Girl Scout Marisa, her mother Troop Leader Becky Rose and their Troop began a free library book exchange project last year. The project has temporarily come upon the misfortune of vandalism to the existing book supply and books need to be replenished.

If you have any lightly used books to donate to the project they can be dropped off at the address of 1889 Lake Court where there is a container at the front door to place the books. You can contact Becky Rose if you have questions at (517) 712-7102;

Girl Scout Troop #30331 have a library located at Curwood Park, Owosso and one at Bentley Park, Owosso. The concept is a free book to take, read and return or exchange a book for a book. Everyone is welcome to utilize the library book exchange.





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