Neighborhood Helpers

Are you looking some extra help for hire to do yard work, shoreline cleaning, babysitting, elderly companionship or pet care? Several of our Lake Manitou community young adults are offering their services…….

Paige Hudecek is currently 16 yrs. old and will be in 11th grade next Fall. Paige has been babysitting since she was 14 years old. Last summer she had a summer job babysitting 2 children both under 5 years old. Paige has taken a couple of classes at school as to caring for children, and is currently in a class dealing with caring for infants. Paige has her own transportation. An hourly pay is negotiable although $5 or $6 an hour would be reasonable, depending on how many children. Paige would also consider assisting elderly with in home light house work and companionship. Paige also has experience with pets that need to be walked or cared for while owners are at work or away. Paige’s telephone is 517-294-4151.  Sharon Hudecek (Mom) can be reached at 517-404-0631. 

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