Lake Visitors

Temporary rest stop. Spring is close at hand when these migrating birds arrive.

Image result for bufflehead ducks       Image result for bufflehead ducks

Lake Manitou is now a temporary stop over for the male (left) and female (right) Bufflehead ducks. Sometimes you will notice up to 5 males escorting a female swimming about the lake splashing and chasing each other. While generally common in the midwest, normally these ducks seek larger and less developed lakes for their summer home.

Image result for common loon bird       In the next month or two we will have the opportunity to observe the Common Loon (above) as it makes a very short stop at the lake before heading further north to secluded waters.  Another temporary visitor that will soon be here is the Osprey, (below). It’s a large bird that when it spots a fish, it will circle and hover above the water before making a diving plunge to grab its meal. Its wings are more pointed and the body is a little more slender than the Bald Eagle.   

Osprey Adler Bird Of Prey Raptor Bird Pand  After a long cold winter, Spring is a great time to hear and observe the many birds and their sounds. Robins and Red Winged black birds have returned. At this time of year, the drumming on trees by woodpeckers is to give notice of their territory and to attract a mate.     


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