Lake Manitou Reminders & Updates

Private lakes including Lake Manitou require adherence to all Michigan State Laws regarding watercraft

  • Blue colored geese mark shallows or hazards to boat props
  • Floating white markers are a reminder to stay to the right during passage through narrows
  • There are TWO UNMARKED shallow points just off shore in and near narrows
  • Around island, water shallows quickly
  • Speed boating on larger side of lake ONLY, west side is pickup and drop off ONLY
  • ALL watercraft on Lake Manitou require Lake Manitou emblem (click here to request emblem)
  • Lake members CANNOT permit recreational lake trespassing, Lake Manitou is for members and member guests ONLY
  • Boat launch will be locked Monday, June 3, 2019 (see FREQUENTLY USED on website main page right side for unlock code)
  • Watercraft removed from Lake Manitou and used elsewhere require cleaning and disinfecting prior to Lake Manitou reinstatement including the trailer – IT’S THE LAW, CLICK HERE
  • If you haven’t paid your annual dues, please do so ASAP !!
  • Fireworks need donations !!! Click here

Due to increased non resident lake access, DNR law enforcement may visit our lake to check for recreational lake trespassing, fishing licenses, boat registrations, marine safety equipment and careless watercraft operation

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