Dues Are Due

Greetings to all our resident neighbors of the Lake Manitou Association. Annual dues/assessment payment of $375.00 is appreciated by May 15, 2019. Without funds available, some of the seasonal lake water herbicide and algaecide treatments will be eliminated or reduced and in-house lake work labor will be reduced. Payment can be made on line through our website or by check.

Our July 6, 2019 fireworks donations are in need of financial support. To provide the same quality and quantity of display as last year our goal is $6,500. Product price increases and overseas tariffs are the main reasons for a 20-30% increase. If you can, please donate on line or by check.

For everyone’s safety and lake enjoyment, please review our website information on boater safety rules and designated speed boating times which is found by clicking on SAFETY on the navigation bar. On behalf of the Association Board Of Directors, we wish you a pleasant and safe summer season.

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