BIG Money Saver

Home septic systems don’t last forever! Is your home septic system more than 30 years old or are you having foul odors, backups or mushy ground or lush greenery around your septic system? Consider having a free consultation with Shiawassee Conservation District about your home septic system. Human and environmental health is at risk with a failing or failed home septic system.

The Shiawassee County Conservation District has been awarded $839,828 by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality in an effort to repair or replace failing on-site septic systems for people who reside in portions of the Upper Maple River Watershed. This includes Lake Manitou and the immediate surrounding area. 75% of the cost of repairing / replacing a home septic system is paid for with the grant money. The offer is for a limited time.

For more information on the Septic System Assistance Program, telephone the Shiawassee Conservation District and schedule a free consultation.    989 723-8263, Ext. 3. See the Shiawassee County Conservation District Newsletter which can be found at: On the home page click on Resources, then click on Shiawassee Conservation District Newsletter Winter/Spring 2018, page 2.

For more information on septic systems:

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