Algae Caution

Lake Manitou is currently experiencing an algae bloom.

North shore along the dam. July 12, 2017

North shore along the dam. July 12, 2017

Avoid partial or full body contact by humans and pets in areas of the lake water where algae have accumulated into densely concentrated masses. When in doubt, stay out! Wind direction and wave action easily move the suspended algae into concentrated masses which looks like green paint spilled into the water.

Lake Manitou Association will keep residents informed of developments.

Article, in part, from Lake Manitou Association Newsletter June 2016: “Anthropogenic Change is environmental changes created by or influenced by human activity. We see direct evidence of this seasonally in Lake Manitou water quality. Influenced by human activity,¬†unusually high levels of dissolved phosphorus entering the lake water provide nutrients for excessive algae growth. Ongoing water testing of the Hardy-Jennings Drain is proving that during spring thaw and most rain events, large amounts of detrimental soil and phosphorus (non point pollution) enter the lake. Our lake channel that receives water from the drain is markedly less clear and always several shades greener in color than the main bodies of water. Algae flourish throughout the channel. In addition to the drain, other sources of phosphorus include septic tank leeching and lawn fertilizer runoff.”




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